Engineering and executive phase

Engineering is organized to address all design levels, in particular execution phase. In addition, designers have a particular focus on the definition of the work costs, optimization of solutions, in accordance with Client purpose and performance requirements.

Eng. Genny Cicero

Is an expert in telecommunications sysyem.

Ing. Margherita Caputo

Is an 'expert in Mechanical Systems.

Eng. Ernesto Savignano

Is an 'expert in Electrical system and Specials.

Eng. Ivo Finizio

Is an 'expert in railway electrification equipment and handling.

Eng. Laura Liguori

Expert in Mechanical Systems.

Eng. Morgan Boiano

Is expert in engineering plumbers and trasport.

Eng. Leonardo Cicero

Is an 'expert in Special Electrical Systems and antifire system.

Eng. Emanuela Pugliese

Is an expert in structures, tracks and equipment/rigging.

Arch. Patrizio Marino

Technical Director. Is an expert in Functional Design and Coordination

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